Why is a Baby Walker So Useful?

As such, it’s not necessary to use a baby walker for your baby to teach her to walk. However, a walker can be more useful at times than only helping baby walk.

For example, when parents need to place the baby in a safe spot so that they can focus on something else, a baby walker can be helpful.

A baby walker or baby jumper gym can support the baby, reduce the risk of falling when the baby tries to walk and also enable the baby to sit comfortably in an upright position.

Most baby walkers are added with colourful toys and musical embellishments that can entertain the baby enough when his parents are preoccupied.

Benefits of Baby Walkers

Baby walkers are made of a metal frame and a fabric chair to hold the baby, normally from 4 to 18 months, in such a way that she can touch her toes to the floor.

There are entertaining features attached to the walker to keep the baby amused while sitting in it or moving around the room.

Some parents think that baby walkers can aid in making their baby walk quickly. However, they should remember the side effects of walkers and should use the walkers only where there are no steps, gadgets and furniture.

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Precautions while Using Baby Walkers

Whether Your Baby is Ready or Not

There are various opinions regarding the correct age at which baby walkers should be used. However, every baby is different and parents should rely upon the symptoms like the ability to sit up or crawl.

Sitting up on their own is important for using a baby walker, while crawling ability is important when controlling power over movement is essential.

Whether Your Home is Walker-friendly

There are certain requirements for a home to allow smooth movement of the walker. For example, floor should be smooth with no loose rugs that can obstruct the movement.

The space should be wide open with no dangerous objects around.

There should not be any stairs in the room. If they are present, they should be blocked when the baby is there.

Also there should not be any sharp objects in the room so as to prevent any injury to the baby.


Even after you take all the precautions, you should supervise the baby when he is in the walker.

Wear Shoes while Going Out

If you will be taking your baby out in the walker, you should wear her shoes so as to avoid injuries from rough surfaces or edges.

Introducing the Walker

Correct Position

Make sure that the baby’s legs go in separate holes and toes don’t get caught anywhere. After the baby is properly suspended in the walker, restraining belt should be fastened which will prevent sliding down.

Teach to Move

You should teach your baby to move the walker. The baby may kick sometimes out of excitement. This can be encouraged by giving a favourite food or toy and tell the baby to kick.

Make sure the baby’s legs are not dragged or twisted.

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