When face washes fail what to do

You may sometimes notice that your regular face wash is not effective anymore, you run it on your face and wash it off but not much difference is seen on the face. What do you do then? You go for a face mask, you hope that it will create some difference and to some extent, it makes some difference like creating Acne, irritation and allergic reaction to your face itself. This is because the face masks that you buy from the market in the name of brands and all are nothing but a mixture of hazardous Chemicals which in case of non-sensitive skins does not cause that much harm but when it comes to sensitive skins what these face masks do is in the the facial cleansing from deep within, your Facial cell layers and therefore harms your skin in the worst way possible.

Mud from the Amazon Vitamin C from the lemon

Tackling the problem of chemically prepared face mask is difficult and thus it is necessary for you to choose the right brand with right ingredients that are naturally induced and naturally extracted chemical components and not prepared by labs. Kiehl’s is the answer for you when it comes to the point of naturally extracted components to be used in skincare products.

 At Kiehl’s they have launched an anti-acne facial mask (มาร์คหน้าลดสิว which is the term in thai ) by the name of Rare Earth  Deep Pore Cleansing Masque. The facial mask is made from the clay and mud of the Amazons to be precise from the mud of the Maraju island thus the clay has all the goodness of Amazon’s water and it also provides you with deep cleaning beneath the outermost facial layer itself. It actually provides your skin deep cleansing in the true sense of the term. It also helps in eradicating the dead cells that are trapped in between the skin layers of the face. This product helps you to get your face clean from pollutants, germs and dirt for all day long but at the same time it provides moisturization of the facial skin itself.


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