The Smart Flip Flops And the Usages

Beautiful, fun and passionately comfortable, the relationship of fashion with havaianas rose gold flip flops has always been present in the feet of the most fashionable people in the fashion world. Soon winter is already farewell and the romanticism of spring, which announces the lush colors of the hottest season of the year, is ideal to start showing your feet.

When the heat begins to manifest, you cannot think of another visual. But you do not even need the beach to have the laid-back look that the flip flop provides. Just a tasteful dose, some fun tips and flip flops to sweep the look.

What is your style?

The graphics take care of the flip flops of the most diverse forms. You can choose from the basic and more serious ones like those in shades of black, red and white, or the colors, with photographs or with drawings.

But for those who really like fashion, the tip is the personalized flip flops, those that you put the print you want. They are, in fact, a great gift for commemorative dates or for the birthday of that dear friend, since it is the certainty of a unique and exclusive gift.

How to combine the look with flip flops

Flip flops with straps

There is footwear that looks good with just about everything, the striped flip flop is versatile and eclectic, but extremely informal. So set it aside if the occasion calls for a more sophisticated look or you go to an enclosed setting such as restaurants or show houses. It looks great during the day with long skirts, shorts, shorts, dresses and even jeans. Flip flops and jeans are a great partnership for shopping or that basic afternoon snack. They also look great with fabric pants with the hem folded.

Very colorful flip flops

Those yes are fun and put up any visual. They say that dreaming with colored flip flops is a sign of transformation, so be prepared to change and give a lot of color and joy to your day to day. As they are the face of summer, prefer light, light and preferably flat clothes if they are patterned.

Flip flops with stones and brilliance

They are the latest fashion, give sophistication to the composition and a more formal look. Golden or silver, full of stones or pearls, should be worn in loose, long dresses. But do not forget that your feet should be up to the flip flop, well hydrated and with well-made nails. If the flip flops have many details, the ideal is to invest in a cleaner look, with plain and basic shades. So you avoid over and enhance the attachment.

Custom Flip flops

This model is great for using in an irreverent and casual way. Combine with shorts, shorts and jeans flare, T-shirts and wide blouses or light dresses, above the knees. They are fun, unique and should reflect your lifestyle or a special occasion, so the fashion of your custom flip flops has caught on. Enjoy and pass your errand, so opt for clothes that enhance what the accessory has to say and have fun making fashion.

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