The essentials for your beauty bag for the summer

The fun experienced during summer can sometimes be overlooked, once a person  experiences sweat, dry skin, frizzy hair and sometimes, skin irritation for the weather. During this time of the season, there exist some elements determined to wreak havoc on your hair and skin. Fortunately, there also exist many beauty products in that are designed to save the day.  Ideally, your summer beauty bag should have skin and hair care essentials that will not only keep your body fresh all day long but also protects the skin from the dangerous UV rays. As such, the following essentials are a must have in your summer beauty bag:

Sunscreen: While sunscreen is a must-have all year round, it is essential during summer when the sun’s rays are at their best: heat the earth at a steep angle and longer days. Ladies should carry sunscreens in their summer beauty bags every day and should apply it on their skins 15 minutes before leaving the house. If one needs to apply makeup, they can do so before applying the sunscreen. When one is through with the outdoor activities and has comfortably settled in the house, they should wipe it to uncover the skin pores. Clogged pores are a great catalyst of acne or pimples, and no beauty conscious ladies want to have some on their face. If one is out all day long and experiences sweat, it is advisable to clean your face frequently with wet wipes and apply the sunscreen again after a few hours since sunscreen stops working after a few hours of after heavy sweating.

Bronzer: This is an essential component of every day makes up during summer time. A bronzer gives a beautiful sun-kissed summery glow without tending to make your face look like it has an overdone make-up. It simply adds color to the face: a slight sheen gives even better results.

Mascara: This is an essential eye makeup that balances well with the long bright days during summertime. An application of two coats of waterproof volumizing and lengthening mascara is enough to brighten the eyes. Mascara is a perfect everyday essential to enhance the look in your eyes.

Mattifying/Foundation powder: To keep make-ups for long amidst the sweltering heat threatening to wipe everything applied on your body, it is advisable to use powders and avoid creams and liquid foundations during summer. Powder foundations are applied as little as possible with better results. Notably, foundation powder from the local and high-end brands offers good coverage. On the other hand, creams and liquids clog the skin pores resulting in heavy sweating and pimples afterwards. Better still, powder foundations result in a lovely matte face rather than an oily one.

Lip balm: lastly, your lips need as much protection from the sun as your skin. A hydrating lip balm works perfectly during summer when the sun rays are drying any unprotected part of the body. Swiping some lip balm before applying any lipstick is also a great idea since it prevents the lips from drying and chapping.



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