The Christmas Cards As Per Your Requirement

You can also consider business cards that appeared in Paris in the middle of the 18th century as a prototype of Christmas cards. Business cards immediately spread throughout Europe. On Christmas Eve, business cards were personally delivered to all important recipients.

The first Christmas card appeared in 1794 in England. The postcard was created by the English artist Dobson. He depicted on it a snowy winter forest and a happy family near the Christmas tree. Another version says that the ancestress of the Christmas card is a medieval engraving depicting Christian motifs. It is worth noting that the tradition of giving each other postcards quickly spread from England to Russia.

In here, the first greeting card appeared in 1897. At that time, the price of such postcards was quite high and therefore they were treated very carefully, attaching great importance. The subjects of New Year and Christmas cards in pre-revolutionary Russia were diverse. They depicted children, angels, biblical characters, animals, and even soldiers of the First World War.

In our country, the idea of ​​Christmas and New Year’s cards laid on very fertile soil – the traditional aesthetics of popular prints, so popular with us, turned out to be very appropriate for drawing holiday cards. When it comes to the Dental Christmas Cards then the options are there now.

Christmas card

Pre-revolutionary Christmas cards most often depicted landscapes of American winter nature with dashing American triples rushing past snow-covered huts. 

The revolution made adjustments to the history of New Year’s cards.

  • The government tried at all costs to eradicate everything related
  • to religion from the life of its citizens , and therefore the development of old Christmas cards after the revolution
  • Stopped. Despite the fact that the Bolsheviks hoped to abandon both Christmas
  • And the New Year, the people could not refuse the winter holidays, and therefore the New Year was returned. True, at the same time completely cleared of all Christmas connotations.

Every year, the time has come: Customers and business partners want to be greeted with Christmas cards and Christmas presents. And colleagues and employees are also looking forward to receiving your attention. What in the case of the Christmas cards is a question of taste, style and the right address, is more complicated for Christmas gifts: Here, engineers have to consider legal aspects – keyword corruption and bribery.

Two women and a man with Christmas hats at the work table

For many engineers today, Christmas cards are still tasks that are perceived as more of a chore and less as what they are: an effective means of customer loyalty and networking, expressing appreciation and fun with the right attitude. The most important prerequisites: Take time for selection and texts of the Christmas cards and decide exactly who you want to send which Christmas greeting. Be sure to avoid using Christmas cards that are printed with a standard text under which you only have to sign. This is impersonal and quickly forgotten. Christmas greetings should always be individually text messages that say something about the sender and, of course, what he thinks about the recipient.


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