Sensitive Skin Options As per the Requirement

Sensitive skin is generally dehydrated and particularly fragile. They therefore tend to blush easily at the slightest attack (cold, heat, pollution). This type of skin requires appropriate care, so even before camouflaging your redness, consider using products that will rebalance your skin and help make the redness disappear for good. A soothing anti-redness cream is recommended to relieve your skin, avoid redness or make it less visible.

Use makeup base

The anti – Acne makeup base makes it possible to unify the complexion, to make the skin smoother for a perfect result, but also to fix the makeup for a long time. This product is a must for make-up addicts, especially since it is found in all brands and at all prices. If the most used foundation is transparent, there are also colored ones. To find a beautiful skin without imperfection, it is the green color that you need, because it neutralizes redness.

The localized corrector

In the form of a cream, compact powder or stick, the concealer effectively camouflages imperfections. Again, choose it green to hide your redness.

How to make up sensitive skin?

For a nice even complexion, follow these steps:

  • After having hydrated your skin, apply your green foundation.
  • Apply a liquid and light foundation, or a BB cream, to warm your complexion.
  • Then use your green concealer if necessary, dabbing a little product on the redness.
  • Tap a little concealer on the green corrector to blend the colors and complete the camouflage of the redness. Also apply it on your dark circles and imperfections.
  • Place a veil of transparent or tinted loose powder on your face to fix everything.
  • Apply your blush on your cheekbones, and a little highlighter on the bulges of your face.
  • To make up sensitive skin, use very small amounts of products and work them to melt them and camouflage the redness subtly.

Which products to choose?

For make-up of the complexion, favor hypoallergenic products. Products containing alcohol or perfume should be avoided as much as possible, as they irritate sensitive skin. As for makeup, think of mineral makeup which is gaining more and more followers: it is gentle on the skin, light and dermatologically tested.

Skin aging does not make anyone dream. Is it really possible to avoid it? With some awesome natural ingredients, you can at least slow it down. Fourchette compiles its best natural anti wrinkle secrets.

Ice cube to firm the epidermis

It’s a very simple tip, and yet terribly effective: three times a week, firm the skin on your face by passing an ice cube over the eye area, lips and cheeks. The cold tightens the pores and tones the tissues: your skin will be smoother, and the emerging wrinkles will be smoothed. Do you have sensitive skin? Coat the ice cube with a light cloth.

Rosewood essential oil for peach skin

Rosewood oil is generally known for its healing, hydrating and softening powers. Against wrinkles, it is also a popular essential oil. Indeed, fine lines are often the consequence of poorly hydrated skin.

Apply once a week in the evening, rosewood essential oil all over your face. Massage for a long time to allow the product to penetrate, then leave on overnight. When you wake up, your skin will be plumped up and visibly younger.

The gourmet and regenerating chocolate mask

Once a week, concoct this mask:

  • Melt 50 grams of dark chocolate,
  • Add a drop of coconut oil.

When the mixture is warm, apply to the entire face, for 20 minutes. 

Rinse off with lukewarm water: your skin is soothed and smoothed.

Sugar body scrub for youthfulness

The youthfulness of the body skin also makes all the difference. Indeed, certain parts of your body easily mark wrinkles, and betray your age. The neckline, neck, hands and arms are in the crosshairs of this anti-aging treatment. The scrub eliminates dead cells, and allows your skin to renew itself, for a toned epidermis.

Twice a week, mix in a bowl:

  • 5 tablespoons first press olive oil
  • 2 tablespoons of sugar

With these simple tips, you no longer need to ruin yourself in cosmetics. Also remember to perform daily small facial gymnastics, perfect for toning your epidermis and fighting wrinkles.

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