Printing on Clothes: Its Types and Resources 

There is no garment in this big world which is not designed or has not confronted the printing machine. Earlier, people use to print designs by hand and this would take hours of engagement but nowadays printing on clothes to make them look designable and eye catching is just a game of a snap. Nowadays clothing printing can be performed just by switching on a button. Printed clothes as very common these days and career in this field is very demanding. Different types of clothe materials like sarees to skirts, trousers to pants every design and pattern is printed through the latest technology of computerized printing. There are different kind of printing services which have been introduced for better and quality printing designs. To list some of them-

  • Screen printing- this kind of printing gives remarkable results with awesome quality of design on the fabric. It is considered to be the best way of preparing complex or mixed colour combinations of designs.
  • DTG (direct to garments) – it is another method and it is exactly works like a paper printing machine. Textile printers are used here and the inks used depend upon the fabric surface. Saves space on the fabric for printing of any other relatable design.
  • Dye sublimation– this kind of printing is suitable for light fabricated clothes that produce a high-quality design on the cloth.  It is cost effective and gives soft touch to the printed design.
  • Pressure printing– application of heat in the printing is a necessary tool that can be said. A transfer paper is used which is generally vinyl in texture and a substrate is used as an adhesive. It provides glossy and shiny look to the surface.

Thus best ways of clothing printing depends on the need of the person. There are many ways of printing the designs and several factors like the fabric of the surface and the means which depend on it. Thus, everything should be looked and researched well before finalising the printing method.

David Curry

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