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The hair on our head is not only protective for us because of its insulating qualities but also complements our entire personality. Average persons have about one hundred thousand to one hundred and fifty thousand hair strands on their heads.

Hair is one of the fastest growing tissues of our body. Hair loss is a natural phenomenon but the problem gets aggravated is some people and leads to their baldness. They feel its loss very badly.  However, a way out has been found by add-ons in the form of wigs made of virgin human hair.

What Is Virgin Hair?

Virgin hair is natural human hair. It is sourced from the people after their hair cut. So beauty salons, hairdressers, and hair boutiques are the best outlets for its purchase. It is called virgin hair because of not being treated with any kind of harsh chemicals which are not suitable to it.

Virgin hair is a raw material that is best obtained from a single donor because of its uniform quality. The extensions made from the virgin hair are very much flexible and go with all kinds of hair easily.

Fact-Check About Virgin Hair:

  • Black is the most common color of the hair while red is most uncommon.
  • Virgin hair blends nicely with natural hair, unlike non-virgin hair.


  • Like all other products, this too has got quality parameters such as softness, rich density, thickness, and durability.
  • Virgin hair products include wigs, hair extensions, virgin hair bundles, lace frontals, and lace closures.
  • These extensions can be colored and highlighted as per the choice of the persons using these.
  • Life of hair extensions made from virgin hair range from 6 months to one year and even more if proper care is taken.

Lace Closure:

Among all the hair products, lace closure is very important. It suits women the most with different hairstyles. Different styles of hair are there because of middle parting, V parting, three-part wave, etc. of the hair. Lace closures are very much flexible and suit all of them. It should be chosen properly to suit one’s scalp.   

​New Star Hair Company

New Star Virgin Hair, a leading brand of this company, is of very good quality as it meets all the parameters mentioned above. As a result, these are exported all over the world. This company is best known for the quality of its products.

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