Jewels That are not Advisable to Clean in Ultrasonic Cleaner

Generally ultrasonic cleaners are used to clean delicately designed jewels. It is stated to be the best device to get rid of dust and other pollutants from the surface and inner parts of the jewel. However, the essential thing to note is that you can’t put any kind of jewellery in the ultrasonic cleaner as you will damage it.

Why precious stones and metals cannot be used in ultrasonic cleaner –

  • Diamond jewels – Diamonds are known to be hardest and durable of gem stones. Therefore, there are chances that the ultrasonic vibrations may damage the composition of diamond, thus diminishing its brilliant lustre. Moreover, to enhance the clarity of the diamond fracture filling or laser drilling is done which makes diamond more inclined to crack if subjected to ultrasound waves. Some colour diamonds are totally forbidden to be cleaned using ultrasonic cleaners. It will be best to make an experienced jeweller do the work of cleaning the diamonds.
  • Other precious gemstones – Actually you need to be quite careful while cleaning brittle gemstones. The common valuable stones are emerald, turquoise, onyx, opal, tanzanite and lapis lazuli. These gemstones can be easily damaged by the vibrations of the ultrasonic cleaner apparatus. The stones are treated with heat providing machines to shape and to enhance their lustre. Thus, it is more likely to get damaged easily.
  • Pearls aren’t friendly gems to be cleaned by ultrasonic devices. The prime reason is that the texture of the pearls is soft and may get dissolved while the cleaning process is on. Pearls are even advised not to be cleaned by petrol or using other chemical agents.
  • Even organic gems aren’t favoured to be subjected to this kind of cleaner. It is because there are ample chances of getting damaged as cracks may form on the inner part of the gems.
  • All valuable metals used to make jewels can be cleaned except tungsten. Your jeweller will be the best person to advice you on cleaning options.

You can anytime check this on online sites about the right way to use the ultrasonic cleaners to clean precious gems and jewel ornaments.

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