How to Replace a Watch Strap

If the strap of a good watch is torn, that doesn’t mean you have to stop wearing the watch. Picking out a good watch band can be simple. It’s just a matter of deciding on the type of band that’s needed.

Casual watches can have leather or cloth straps. There are different types of leather straps. They range from cheaper prices to higher cost crocodile leather. So it all depends on what the wearer wants. Aniline leather can be bent in all different directions. Its feel is soft and very natural.

Types of Leather Watch Straps

When shopping for replacement watch straps, if you are searching for a leather band, keep in mind that a top-quality genuine leather is terribly popular among watch wearers. It is known for being pliable. What makes this material so authentic, is its appearance. The way markings show up on this type of leather makes and the slight animal scent it has makes it irresistible. Not to mention, this kind of leather can be dyed and used immediately after.

And then you have synthetic leather. This material is not real leather, however, it is very soft and breathable. Is it made from a variety of materials? Leather is extremely resilient, so when deciding to purchase a synthetic leather strap, keep in mind that it may not be as flexible. PVC leather, on the other hand, is made from predominantly plastic. This type of leather is quite stiff, if the wearer is looking for a supple, bendable type of material, this type of material may not be the best kind. However, the cost is much less, which may be preferred if the watch is for a child or a younger person.

When making a purchasing decision for a sports watch, popular types of materials are rubber and plastic. Rubber straps are excellent because they hold up very well in water. If you are an athlete that spends all day in the pool or in the gym, the rubber may be a perfect choice. It will benefit the wearer to determine what kind of rubber, is best for them, while keeping the cost in mind.

Types of Rubber Watch Straps

Natural rubber watch straps perhaps are the least expensive of all types of watch straps. However, the feel may be slightly uncomfortable. The material is non-breathable etc. Silicone rubber is by serious sports athletes but is known to feel sticky, when the wearer begins to sweat. PVC rubber may be preferred by the average wearer who plans to use it during exercise. The reason why is because of its durability.

A few advantages of a watch wearer who chooses a rubber strap are:

  1. scratch resistance
  2. resistance to sun rays
  3. non-toxic
  4. expandable
  5. waterproof

Rubber watch band wearers understand that scratches, ultra-violet rays, and other such things simply aren’t common with this type of material. When it comes to scratches, rubber is the best type of material a wearer can buy. Unlike leather and metal, when rubber is scratched, its simply resistant. Rubber is non-toxic and is virtually non-allergenic. So if the wearer is sensitive to different types of fabrics, they will find that rubber is very non-irritating.

It is also durable, and expandable. Rubber can expand to fit the wrist of the wearer very easily, which makes it convenient if the wrist size of the owner happens to change. And when it comes to durability, rubber has been known to withstand all types of weather and treatment.

Watch Strap Measurements

After the wearer has chosen the type of band, they now need to make sure that they choose the correct band size. It is a good idea for the wearer to have their wrist measured. Using past measurements may not be a good idea, because the wearer may have gained or lost weight when this occurs the size of the wrist can change.

Often measurements can be done at locations that sell watches and watch bands. Making certain that the band fits the wrist is vital when it comes to being comfortable. A band that is too short can stop blood circulation and cause the wrist to swell and obviously if it is too long it has a tendency to drop below the arm. So a good comfortable fit is important.

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