How To Identify Quality Tees

The shirt never goes out of style for being the essential piece of every wardrobe. It has been a male and female trend for decades and has succeeded in being carried over one generation to the other. But there are ways you can identify quality tees apart from its graphic designs which mostly sets it apart from others. Many people go for graphic tees because of its durability and care.

·Origin of the Fiber

It all starts in choosing the composition of the fabric or mesh that can be as follows:


It is when fibers are drawn ready from nature. And they can originate vegetal, animal or mineral. As an example, we have cotton, coconut, linen, hemp, jute, wool, and silk. It is generally more comfortable, soft and durable. Because they have a nice touch that lets the skin breathe better.


It is when the fibers come from the oil and are then handled by the industry. As an example, we have elastane, polyamide, and polyester which are very flexible and durable.

Therefore, the choice of cotton for a high-quality t-shirt happens for the much greater comfort generated through the softness and the breathing of the skin that its fibers provide. But in our gray blend t-shirts, we have 15% polyester to bring a different look and texture.

·Types of Cotton

After choosing the fiber, we also have another variable to define within the universe of cotton, as for example the origin of it:


Its fibers are white, thin, very long and have high strength. It is produced in North Africa in arid regions. Because of their exceptional softness and durability, they are ideal for bed, table and intimate items.


It also has very long fibers, but its textures are cream-colored. It is produced in arid regions of the United States and  Peru. More used in the production of delicate fabrics and sewing threads.

·Cotton Processing

The process of turning knit cotton goes through a process that can be:


It goes through a dressing machine where the short fibers and impurities are removed, making the fabric cleaner and sturdier. As a consequence, it ends up having more exceptional softness, comfort, touch, durability and less shrinkage.

·Wire Number

There is also an ideal number of yarn sizes depending on the purpose of the clothing that will be made. The smaller the numbering of the yarn, the thicker and lower the quality. They have a more massive shrinkage and are found in carded meshes. Used more in uniforms and clothing that require extreme strength and durability.

1.WIRE 30.1

Ideal for producing high-quality premium T-shirts. It has the perfect balance with the ideal thickness to bring comfort and softness while providing strength and durability. Its shrinkage is minimal.

2. FIOS 40.1 E 50.1

Despite the excellent quality, it makes the mesh thinner and more transparent. Very used in lingerie or bedding.

3. Special Treatments

Specialized treatment can still be done to improve the softness further and decrease the shrinkage of the mesh:


It is a washing process where pumice stones are used to wear the mesh or fabric and provide a different look. It looks faded, but soft and supple.


Even with all technological developments for sewing to be well made, the experience and wisdom of whoever is operating the machine are significant. The finish needs to be done with care to be perfect.

David Curry

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