How to go about sourcing wholesale kids backpacks?

You could be a parent who is in the process of ordering school bags for girls or you could be a new online retail store that is sourcing school supplies to feature in your store. Regardless of whether you are trying to source the backpacks for your kids or to be sold at your online store, you need to know how to go about sourcing the school bags so that your goals are achieved.

You might think that if you are a parent who is looking for school bags for girls you need to order from retail backpacks stores and if you are a retailer you should order from a wholesale backpacks store. This is not necessary, even parents who are buying the school backpacks for their kids can benefit from wholesale backpacks.

In order to buy from a bulk backpack store or wholesale backpack store, you need meet the minimum order quantity. All the wholesalers will have their own minimum order quantity requirements. Real wholesalers will not sell in retail quantities as it would be counterproductive for their business model. You should therefore know that someone calls themselves wholesalers and if they are selling also in retail quantities then you may not be actually getting the real wholesale prices. What is the difference likely to be between the wholesale prices and retail prices? There is usually a stark difference between the two. When you order wholesale backpacks it would be almost 90% cheaper than the retail prices. You would be able to find a 17” backpack at just $2.5 which could easily cost you $25 or $30 at your retail store.

When you order from a wholesaler you need to order a minimum of one full case of backpack. Each case will have around 24 backpacks. You will have four to six color options in each case depending on the model. However, all the 24 backpacks would be of the same design you will not be able to pick a few pieces in each design.

Wholesalers get busy little earlier than the actual back to school season and they will be fully stocked during that period. If you approach them during the back to school season they may not have adequate stocks as they would have already supplied to the retailers. If you are planning to order from wholesalers you should make sure to place your orders well in advance. This is where many people make mistakes. They wait until the last moment to order from a wholesaler only to end up facing out of stock issues. So if you do not want to run into such issues, then you better get started as early as you could so that you will be able to find the most trustworthy suppliers in the industry and find the models you actually love. There are many wholesale suppliers online who deliver excellent quality backpacks, you need to invest enough time to spot them online.


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