GU10 –LED Bulbs: It’s time to switch

What areGU10 bulbs?

LED GU10 bulbs are an alternative for incandescent and halogen lights which incorporate the latest LED technology. GU10 LEDs are a retrofit energy savingproduct which became the most common type of spotlightbulb, which became a part of some offices but mostly in homes.It gives a long lifespan even after using continuously.GU10 LED Bulbs are best suited for the places which required adirectional and bright light source which includes kitchens, shops, restaurants, hotels and workspaces – the classic spotlight shape is hard sometimes, slightly rounded aperture or flat which tapers down to a narrow base.It is easy to install and a perfect replacement for lights that consumes a lot of energy.

Why You Should Switch to LED GU10 Bulbs?

To overcome a lot of disadvantages of halogen and other traditional bulbs replace it with LED GU10s. They save some space as well in the spotlight housing where you need to have an unnoticeable appearance whichmeans that you or your guest will barely notice they exist. That is until you switch them on and see the lovely spotlight beams cast cool whites or warm whites according to your chosen colour temperature.Soon you will be realizing that your decision of replacing halogen lights to LED GU10 Bulbs was great. The advantages of using LED bulbs are it is power or energy saving and it doesn’t emit any heat. It is best if you need some extra brightness at any particular place. It is also useful in decorative lighting like, recessed lights, accent lights, track lights, spotlights, desk lamps and many more. And the best thing is you can use it even in enclosed cupboards. The GU10 bulbs are coated with resins, that results in shockproof and resistant to moisture.

Other benefits:

The GU10 bulbs are made of aluminium and are mercury free. This makes them last longer as compared to halogen lights or any other types of lights.It can last up to nine to ten years even after using it continuously. You can find different types of GU10 bulbs with different varieties of colours like, in yellow, chilly white, warm white, daylight, soft white, neutral tones and many other colours. You can choose colours as per the requirement of the place. Hence it meets all your expectations.


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