Great Choices for the Golf Shafts Now


Not easy to change his series of shafts. To help you, here are some essential tips. Wooden shelves, hundreds of clubs, gleaming and perfectly aligned, code names to sleep K15, CG16, RAZR, Pro Combo, AP1. It is attractive at first glance, for those who want to afford a series of shafts, but ultimately rather confusing. Which one to choose? Why prefer a clean line to a head. For that choosing the Mitsubishi Golf Shafts happens to be essential.

  1. Know which player you are 

Today manufacturers multiply the tricks to make the game easy: the center of gravity of the shafts has been lowered to lift the ball easily, the soles are wider to facilitate the passage of the club. Not easy to change his series of Mitsubishishafts. To help you, here are some essential tips. Whatever the dregs, the hitting areas have been extended to the whole face to forgive off-center hits. Only downside: we lose in sensations. Another player, another approach: a 20 year old, who has just lowered his index from 20 to 15 in a few months? It can crack for sacrosanct. Conversely, even if they are easier to play than ten years ago, they require rigor and precision. In short, a good level of play. 

  1. Try before you buy 

Investing in new shoes is like choosing a new car. We make a selection in the shop and we test it. At Golf Plus, you can borrow 4 clubs for 3 days, for 10 €. The ideal is to try them at the driving range, 

Then select two to take on the course. Do not hesitate to make 

  • Comparisons with your old series: is it more powerful? 
  • More tolerant? 
  • Does she have better touch? 
  1. Put the clubs to their measurements 

Today, nothing is easier than making some adjustments on your new rods. Always at Golf plus Paris, with the workshop adjoining the shop, we can easily adapt lees, club length and grip to your measurements. And just hit a few shots on their indoor practice to know your club speed which will determine the flexibility of the shaft. Steel or graphite handle? The first offers better control of the ball but it asks for a lot of the back. It is rather reserved for big and big players. Graphite is softer, lighter and therefore easier to play. It is recommended for those who have a slow swing, a senior, a woman or a beginner.

  1. Enjoy the “demo” days 

Clubs regularly open their doors to manufacturers. The advantage is that one can try the whole range, mounted on all Mitsubishi Golf shafts possible and imaginable, but also glean expert advice, analyze its swing, its angle of attack, the speed of rotation of the ball to optimize its choice. 

  1. Do not overestimate yourself 

In golf, the secret of success is also humility. Do not try at all costs to play the “it series” that everyone pulls, under the pretext that it is the one of Tiger Woods or Martin Kaymer, the world number one. Keep your feet on the ground and enjoy your level of play at its true value.


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