Fun Ways to Spice Up Your Summer Hair Coloring

Summertime brings about the playful side in all of us, and expressing that vibrancy with a fun new hair coloring seems only natural. Looking for a new look? Check out these sizzling summer hairdo ideas that are hot across the nation this year.

Face Framing Highlights

Go a little lighter with highlights that frame the face to add a flattering touch to the hair this summer. Just a few strategically placed streaks can help enhance one’s eyes and make their strongest facial features stand out. Framing highlights are perfect for any length of hair.

Baby Blonde

Full blown platinum is often too much of a risk for certain individuals but going baby blonde with hair coloring is a safe bet and universally flattering. Because this color combines warm and cool hues, baby blonde will look great on just about any skin tone.

Powder Blue Hair Coloring

If the multi-colored rainbow unicorn looks of pastels had you captivated last season, don’t miss this year’s hot summer color powder blue. Hair will have to be lightened to platinum to obtain this look, so be prepared to regularly use a deep hair conditioner to keep your hairdo looking great.

Sunrise Reds

Dark hues of red provide a more neutral look for the summer, and who doesn’t love seeing flecks of copper and rusty reds shimmering in the sunlight? There are exciting new shades of sunrise red hair coloring to ask your stylist about this year.

High-Up Ombré

A high-up ombré is an off-the-root highlight where darker roots slowly meld into a lighter shade such as honey-blonde or a neutral tone. These types of highlights give the face a brighter, fresher appearance. There will also be less need for root touch ups with an ombré.


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