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Silk is an animal fiber produced by the silkworm. Soft to the touch and the eye, its qualities make it one of the most prestigious fabrics once it is spun. Its elasticity, strength, fineness, lightness and flexibility make it possible to create luxurious clothes. It is often found in the composition of women’s t-shirts, but it can also be used in men’s fashion. You can visit our website now for the best t shirt options.

Merino wool

Who said that merino wool was an exclusively winter material? Indeed, it is rather a received idea since the merino wool is a material which will adapt according to the temperature of our body, to breathe and to be thermoregulatory. In other words, this is an intelligent material, because it will be as effective in winter as in summer. It is an interesting alternative to cotton when you know that merino wool will absorb up to 35% of its weight in moisture. Note that it also has the distinction of not retaining any body odor. However, a wool t-shirt, like a sweater, can be slightly warped depending on the harness and take longer to dry than a simple jersey t-shirt. A subject already adopted by cyclists or hikers.


We find linen t-shirts mainly in summer collections and for good reason, this is the ideal material when temperatures rise. Just like merino wool, linen is thermoregulatory, which simply means that it will release air in case of hot weather and if not, imprison it to keep a constant temperature. Again, like wool, it does not retain body odor. Linen shirts are known for their peculiarities in case of hot weather, it is exactly the same for a t-shirt, especially when it is thin and airy. Note that linen is a rather rough material that tends to crease very quickly from the first ports. It is also a material that will deform, which is all the same less embarrassing for a t-shirt, a less formal piece. It is advisable not to move towards entry-level linen t-shirts, because undoubtedly, the fibers will be more fragile and will leave much more pronounced folds. In case of the new baby gifts also you can choose these t shirts.

Synthetic materials

Polyester is the most produced synthetic textile fiber in the world; it is a material that has attributes of strength and flexibility. In particular, it has the advantage of not shrinking and serving as an excellent insulator against the cold. Generally, polyester is used in the composition of the garment in addition to other materials in order to benefit from its qualities the parts that result. It is however preferable that its percentage remains minority. As for viscose, it is a synthetic material also called “artificial silk” because it is as fine, soft, shiny and solid as silk. It has excellent moisture absorption properties making it a popular material for liners, but also to give t-shirts a silky appearance without the price taking off too much.

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