Essential Safety Notes When Your Baby is in the Playpen

Most parents choose playpen for their babies because there is no other options or alternatives when you are not able watch the baby when he or she is in the play pen and you have essential works to do. However, playpens can be very risky and dangerous under certain circumstances. Therefore, the first thing to ensure while purchasing the playpen is adequate safety and security as per the JPMA certification or Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association certification. The JPMA certification is made mandatory to ensure that the playpen meets all the safety standards prescribed by the CPSE or the Consumer Products Safety Commission. Visit a shop that has reputation and reliability with JPMA and CPSE standards like PinkiBlue baby store in order to purchase your playpen.

You mast never leave your baby in mesh playpen when it is lowered. Your infant baby may roll into the pocket between the mesh side and the floor bed and may be trapped and suffocated. Similarly, never use soft pillows or soft beddings at the playpen and avoid replacing the padding or mattress in the playpen because they may not fit into the playpen. You should regularly check for tears and repair it whenever there is one. You should further know the safety rules and how to correctly set the playpen if it has folding and packing options. Always ensure that your baby sleeps on her or his back.

One of the most essential safety note while using the playpen is never to place it near the window in order to protect your baby from drapes, chords and blinds which can strangle the baby. It is good that you avoid using hand-me-down playpens that have large diamond shaped openings. Your baby’s head may get trapped in the large holes which forms the diamond. You should further never tie or string toys from the playpen sides.

When your baby is grownup to the age of 5 months and is able to sit or stand, remove all the toys from the top of the playpens. Otherwise your baby may get entangled with the toys.In addition to this, when you notice that your baby can come to a standing position, remove all big toys and boxes from the playpen that could help him or her to climb out.Similarly, stop using the playpen if your baby is capable of climbing out or he or she has reached to a height of 34 inches or 86 centimetres or has the weight of 14 kilograms or 30 pounds.

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