Cryptooutfit:  Perfect For Boosting Cryptocurrency Adoption


With a significant increase in the trend of online shopping, more and more websites are willing to offer the users with crypto as one of the payment methods. More secured transactions, which are faster as well as transparent, have added to the popularity of crypto among individuals as well.

Gone are those days when Fiat money was the only option available. Such transactions were not only highly expensive but time consuming as well. With the advancement in technology, a variety of fluid options have surfaced and one of the most preferred ones among them is crypto.

Cryptooutfit: A Perfect Solution

Irrespective of the popularity that cryptocurrency enjoys, there is still a good portion of population, which is not aware about the concept. “SHIRK” fashion outfit has been designed with the aim of creating awareness about the concept of cryptocurrency. These outfits have become quite popular and you also might be acquainted with the products offered by the company. A variety of stylishly designed outfits can be explored at the Cryptooutfit website.

The apparels offered at the website have been designed with an idiosyncratic fashion approach. The minimalist designs with sleek cryptocurrencies embroidered on the apparel are sure to impress you significantly. Such designs are not only impressive but also create an impactful awareness amongst the crowd. Now, the question is that those who do not know about cryptocurrency might confuse such designs with a designer label. So, why is the company producing such products? They are doing this in order to make people aware about this wonderful payment option.

Know About $1000 Raffle Giveaway  

Printing cryptos on the apparels is not the only vision of a company as big as SHIRK. They plan to make a real difference in the way people make payments. Therefore, they have taken the initiative of organizing a competition, wherein those who win will be awarded with $1000 in cryptocurrency like BTC or any other.

How Can You Take Part In This Competition?

In order to be a part of this amazing competition, all you have to do is to buy any product from their website while using a promo code, which is “WIN1000”. You get entitled to 15% discount as soon as you enter the code. Immediately after entering the amount, you get directed to a live raffle on Instagram (@Cryptooutfit). A random selection of winners is made in the LIVE INSTAGRAM session. The winners are offered with a chance to buy exclusive Digital Gold Embroidery Tee using the promo code “WIN1000”. This offers the customer with a 2x entry benefit while entering the raffle. The name of the customer is taken into consideration while checking out and has nothing to do with the number of items purchased. To know more about the raffle giveaway, visit So, here’s your chance to win big!

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