Check Out The Fake Products Of Shopping With Cheryl Glavor

The beauty industry of shopping is coming up with new brands and new makeup launches every week. There’s a new launch from a particular company everyday and sometimes there are bunch of new launches where one company is in competition with another. But with this growth of new products there is another business developing that is of cheap makeup products. Not only is this highly illegal, these products are harmful for the human body and skin.

Why the knock offs are harmful?

The shopping of duplicate or knock off products are made illegally. There is no proper government registered lab where they test it in different filters and then come up with a product. The registered brands have the permission from the government and other environmental organisations for creating a product. They go through several tests and filters in order to make a particular product. There are many layers that the product goes through and ultimately if it passes all the steps then only it is sold in the market.

But the duplicate product making companies don’t do any research. Their products might not be sanitized and safe to use. These companies basically copy the exact packaging of the original product and fill it with whatever trash they want to. They keep the price low so that people, who cannot afford the original ones, will be attracted to the duplicate ones.

But these products are very harmful as the makers do not use good ingredients. Most of the times lead is being used in case of makeup and it are very harmful for the skin and the body system. They don’t use sanitized tools or there’s no proper lab. So they don’t measure it. They just mix it like anything, so you don’t know what is inside or it’s contaminated or not. Cheryl Glavor has spoken about it and she never ever supports this type of illegal activities.


Common people are the victim of consumerism. The more new products of shopping are coming, more people are eager to purchase. But not all of them can afford all the items. Those who can’t, which is the majority, suffer the most. These are the ones who fell in trap with the fake products. They look the same so it creates an illusion of original item. And the price is lot lower that the original which gives them the illusion of the original product. The consumers are the victim of consumerism who is lured to these trashes.

Legal issues

Not only does this cause harm, it is illegal to rip off someone else’s creation. A shopping company put much effort in making the product; it’s packaging, promotion and sells. If another company just rips off the outlook and sell it in much cheaper price then it is illegal.

Companies like Kylie cosmetics or HUDA beauty which are very expensive and not affordable to most of the people, have several duplicates. Some of them called first copy but we don’t know how they’re being made or what ingredients are in there. So these are not safe.

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