Benefits Of Opting For The Larger Patches Than The Smaller Ones

There are different types of patches that are available in the market and every company will help you to customize the patches in different sizes and shapes. It is very important to concentrate on the size of the patches. It is always advised to opt for the larger ones and the reasons are stated below:

  1. If you opt for a larger patch, then it will contain more threads than the smaller ones. So the design that you will use in the patch will blend properly. The image that will be formed after the weaving gets completed the human eye will find it cohesive. It will not only be attractive, but it will give you the feel of pixels on the computer screen. So whenever you are opting for any patch look for the threads of fine quality with larger dimensions.
  2. When you are opting for the large patches then it will help other people to see what it is written on the patch. If the patches are for advertising or promoting any company or for showing off the team spirit then always go for the bigger ones. Smaller ones are hardly noticeable.
  3. Detailing is very important in Custom Patches which is why the above two points are focusing more on the details. While designing the patches it is very important to concentrate on the text or the image that will be present in the batch. If one alphabet is getting slightly overlapped with another one then it will drastically change the design and the message will get obscured. If you are opting for the substantial patches then fine threads of the decent amount are used. So you will get a lot of space where any design or text can fit with proper precision. Large sizes will also help the reader to understand what is written on the patch even from a great distance.

The patch size does matter until and unless you have a valid point for opting for the smaller ones. If you are opting for the smaller ones then you will have to pick the type of patch very properly in order to get the desired results.

David Curry

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