All you wanted to know about PTCGO

PTCGO stands for Pokemon Trading Card Game Online. The basic question is what is PTCGO? Pokemon Trading Card Game Online is the digital version of Pokemon Trading Card Game. PTCGO was released in 2011 as a browser-based game which became a downloadable game in the year 2012. It is available for free download and can be played by both beginners and experienced players.

Trainer challenge

Now that you know what is PTCGO, next step is to take the trainer challenge with two computer-controlled trainers. You are first directed through in-game tutorials before the start of the trainer challenge.

Trainer challenge helps you in understanding the basics of the game. PTCGO is all about building decks by earning cards or tokens which are used to buy cards. Beginners playing the in-built tutorials start with the Basic Blue Starter Theme deck having Water and Colourless pokemon. This is a pre-built deck. When the Basic Yellow Starter pack with Lighting and Colourless pokemon is unlocked, the number of trainers you need to play against becomes 7. The trainers use a plethora of deck and pokemon types against you to help you in understanding the basics of the game.

After playing the tutorials, you enter the trainer challenge. In the trainer challenge, you need to play against many computer-controlled trainers. You get four starter theme decks having fire, lighting, grass and water pokemons. 3-in game leagues are played. The complete set of features of PTCGO is not unlocked until and unless you win a match against the trainers. You can choose to continue to play the trainer challenge or skip it after all the features are unlocked.

Versus mode and Random Battle

In the versus mode, you play against other players in Theme, Standard, Expanded or Unlimited deck formats.

In random battle, you are pitched against an online player selected randomly. One trainer token is earned for each random battle match. 2 trainer tokens are earned for winning against a player having Advantage rank. Versus points are also earned by winning matches which improves the player’s position in the Versus Ladder.

Features of POTCGO Cards

Basic/Stage 1/ Stage 2 represents source of evolution of the pokemon. Basic means there is no source of evolution. Stage 1 means it has evolved from basic. Stage 2 means it has evolved from Stage 1. The name of the card decides the nature of the card.

Hit points represent the amount of damage the pokemon can take before it is knocked out of the game. Attack is the kind of attack the pokemon can mount. Attacking terminates the turn. Ability can be used as many times as desired in a turn.

Energy requirements represent the amount of energy that the pokemon requires to attack. Pokemons need various types of energies. Pokemons with colourless energy requirements can use any type of energy to attack. Resistance means the times of less damage caused by an attack by the stated type of pokemon. Weakness indicates that the type of pokemon mentioned inflicts that much times more damage.

Retreat cost is the number of energies that must be discarded to get the pokemon out of active.

Other terms

Active is the point where the pokemon card with which you want to attack is placed. Bench pokemon is deployed when the active pokemon is knocked out. Bench pokemon must be basic. Deck is where you draw the cards from.

Discard is the place where a pokemon and its attachments are put when it is knocked out.

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