8 Cartoon Theme Birthday Cake Ideas for Kid’s Next Birthday Celebration

Birthday is the most special time for kids of all ages and parents try their best to make the event more special for their little ones. Food, cakes, dance, music, balloons, and love complete the celebration for kids. However, there are constant changes in the bakery business and as a parent, it is vital for you to keep up with these updates so that you can find the most delicious and latest cake for your child. One thing that parents must know is that children are quite particular about cakes and celebrations – whether it is a themed cake or a cartoon character cake, they have better knowledge than you. So, here we talk about 8 best cartoon theme birthday cakes for kids.

  1. Disney Characters Cake

Disney characters are the most favorite cartoons for children, and they have been popular among kids for generations. Characters like Ariel the mermaid,Mickey mouse and Elsa from Frozen are excellent cake designs to make your child feel special on their birthday.

  1. Popular Superheroes

Every kid wishes to be a superhero and there is no better way to show it than having a cake with a superhero theme on the birthday. Superheroes, including Iron Man, Batman, Wonder Woman, Spider-Man, Superman, and Hulk are the most preferred themes for birthday cakes nowadays.

  1. Minions

Minions with their capsule-like bodies and cute little shape attract children a lot. Minions themed cakes are usually adorned with fondant accents and blue and bright yellow colors.

  1. Barbie Doll

Barbie-themed cakes are very popular and a huge hit among children for many years. Rosy Barbie cake, pink dress barbie cake, ultra-style queen Barbie cake and many other designs are popular for girls’ birthday.

  1. Mickey Mouse

This one is the best cake for children who love Mickey Mouse. Their favorite Mickey cake will make the birthday even more special and memorable. The Mickey Mouse themed cake will please not just your son and daughter, but their friends as well.

  1. Jungle Book Themed Cake

This cake is a great choice for children who love Mowgli and Jungle Book. This one is the most popular kids birthday cakes to make the event more special for children.The Jungle Book Themed Cake is planned and designed in a specific mode that you can see all the characters from the jungle book.

  1. Tom and Jerry Photo Cake

Tom and Jerry Photo Cake is certainly going to make the children happy. Tom and Jerry are the most popular cartoons among children for many years. Seeing their favorite Tom and Jerry on their birthday, children will be surprised and overwhelmed with joy.

  1. Motu Patlu Cake

Motu and Patlu are also popular cartoon characters among kids, they love their friendship and fights. Choosing Motu Patlu themed cake for your child’s birthday is a great idea to make the day special for them.

So above-mentioned cartoon themed birthday cakes for kids are simply perfect for the celebration. It is suggested for you to choose your child’s favorite flavor. Also, ensure the cake size is good enough to serve the guests present at the birthday party.

Clare Louise

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