5 Necessities of Adaptive Clothing for Seniors & Handicapped individuals

People with limited mobility often face issues in wearing regular clothes. Brands like Ovidis are concerned about this issue and moved forward with the mission to serve the seniors and physically handicapped individuals with an array of specially designed dresses made of ultra-soft fabrics ensuring the comfort of wearing them along with maintaining the classiness.

Here are the top 5 necessities of adaptive clothing for seniors & handicapped individuals

Ultra-soft fabric

Reputed adaptive clothing makers are concerned about the comfort of the elderly as well as the physically challenged individuals. That’s why with an uncompromising attitude they always prefer to select the ultra-soft fabrics for their clients. By wearing the soft and breathable clothes, the seniors, as well as the handicapped individuals, will remain comfortable.

Customizable designs

With this innovative dressing style, it’s possible to opt for customizations. Unlike the previous times, people with limited mobility now don’t have to stick to nearly hospital shirts and pajamas. Rather they’ve got the provision for selecting the designs per their convenience and desire. The designers will tailor-made the clothes accordingly so that they can get the opportunity to wear favorite shirts, trousers, dresses, skirts, etc.

Style & sophistication maintained

With the advent of adaptive clothing, people with limited mobility are now bestowed with the facility of maintaining their style by wearing exclusively designed clothes. From the seniors to the handicapped- everyone will be able to wear classy clothes and maintain the sophistication attire that they used to previously when they were young.

Easy for caregiver assistance

The adaptive clothing is specially designed for the caregiver assistance system. In just three steps the dresses can be worn. It also eliminates the pain and hassle seniors and handicapped faced previously during wearing clothes.

Dressing a ‘snap’

As they say, wearing the adaptive clothes for the seniors or the handicapped is a ‘snap’. Without facing any complexities, the caregivers can make them wear the dresses conveniently as the backs are fully open with buttonholes or chain systems.

Seniors and the handicapped that are supported by the caregivers find it convenient to wear similar clothing for the full back opening whether with button snaps or chains. The caregivers can easily assist them in wearing clothes without facing issues of hurting the individual.

That’s the reason why today’s stylish seniors and the handicapped individuals can stay fashionable all the time even when they’re getting assisted by the caregivers.



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