3 Simple Tips to Make a Sand and Water Table a Great Fun for Your Kids

Children are certainly fascinated by toys. However, you may notice that they are equally fascinated by certain things that are available in nature.

The best examples of these are sand and water. The concept of sand and water tables as toys for children has arisen fromthis very fact that kids love to play with these elements and make a lot of mess.

Another fun fact about sand and water tables is that your child can play with her friends on these tables. This increases her social skills.

Of course, you can check out for kids playhouse at Step2 Direct to increase her social and motor skills and overall strength. But remember the option of sand and water tables as your child can play with actual elements there.

And of course, sand and water tables offer so many activities to perform that her motor skills and coordination have to develop.

The observation of the movement of water makes it easy for children to learn science and maths in the future. This also stimulates their creativity and their brainpower gets engaged in new innovative ideas.

Thus, you should consider buying a sand and water table. But at the same time, you should remember certain tips. Here are a few.

1. Safety is Important

After all, your child is handling the elements. Therefore supervision is a must. Keep an eye on him while he is playing and make sure he and his friends are not putting sand and water in mouth or eyes.

Also keep changing the water daily and maintain a hygienic and safe play environment.

Keep the table dry, clean and covered when your child is not playing with it.

Make sure that any spills should be wiped out promptly to avoid the hazard of slipping and falling, and resulting injuries.

Making the child change clothes after play is also a must because dusty and wet clothes can bring health hazards.

2. Make Things More Interesting

As such water and sand are great playthings in themselves. However, you can encourage your child to incorporate other objects from around houses with them to add an increased fun to the play.

You can include brushes, sponges, spray bottles, towels, bowls, cups and more. Also, give your child things like straws, funnels and other things with holes and she’ll enjoy the water play even more.

You can of course buy new interesting toys and props like sailboats, toy ducks and fish, buckets, fountains etc. that are associated to water.

3. Encourage Creativity

You can encourage your baby to add more objects to the Step2 Direct kids sand and water play table to find new ideas to play with.

It’s not necessary to offer them objects on your own. Let them think and find objects.

You will be amazed how they use their imagination and incorporate soap to create bubbles, wheels to move water, mix sand and water to create sculptures, and more.

While doing all these activities, your kids will automatically learn about science of water and its rules which will further help them in their studies.

Don’t you think now that adding a sand and water table to your kids’ toys is a great idea?

David Curry

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